This is a tricky article for me. I do not like talking about my personal life, but I do believe it will help you find some value from my journey in real estate. I will talk about how this idea of having someone in your corner can help in your investing journey, but there are some fundamental mindset issues that I would like to tackle as we grow together in our First Gen Investor journey.

There are times in my life that I have felt lonely, but rarely have I ever been alone. I come from a large family. I am the fourth of five children and have a bad case of “middle child syndrome.” I have amazing parents and siblings and their families that have encouraged me throughout my whole life. I have the best wife, and the most terrific in laws, that anyone could ask for; above that, as a born again Christian, I know that Jesus Christ, my Savior holds me in His mighty hands.

I don’t share my family, faith, and friends to brag. I share it with you to admit that even with those amazing people around me, I still doubt…

“who is in my corner?”

There are many people out there that don’t have who I have and they ask “who is in my corner?” My heart truly breaks for people who might ask the same question, but cannot look up and see people cheering them on, hoping and praying for them and wishing them well…The reality is, even those of us who do have that, sometimes…can’t see them. We get stuck in our own headspace and don’t feel loved. Even if it is the furthest thing from the truth.

Most people want to care about someone and want to be cared for. I know that there have been times where I have acted like I don’t want people to bother with me, but I am glad that they do.

How does this relate to the journey of a First Gen Investor? As I speak to people who are either investing for the first time or just getting into the world of Real Estate Investing (REI), there is an invariable sense that they are alone. They feel lonely on the journey.

We might be in a room with a bunch of people, but as soon as their mind shifts into this realm, you can almost see the fear consume their thoughts and facial expressions.

I believe this comes from a place that no one wants to be…lonely.

Whether you are someone who is in fact alone, or feels like they have no one to turn to, we want to come alongside you and let you know that even though you might be alone, you don’t have to feel isolated. There is a world of people just like you that feel this way in a room full of laughter and joy.

Our goal, through education, is to give you a community – a tribe if you will. Together we can take steps into what can seem like a fearful place of vulnerability and uneasiness. In that same breath it will  be a place of opportunity with the ability to learn, grow and to give your talents to those around you.

I have been so encouraged by the people doing good things with their successes in real estate and other ventures. If you have the courage to ask for help, a good number of people will respond in kind. It is truly an incredible thing to be able to affect people around you. As you start your First Gen Investor journey, remember to take some time to look around and realize these are the people in my corner! 

When times get tough, when things get confusing, these are the people that you want to be around. Even if they haven’t the faintest idea about real estate investing, they will give you the strength and desire to keep pushing to the next action, the next goal, and the next step in your walk.

Keep laying your First Gen Foundations.

Bryan Escudero

President and Co-Founder, First Gen Foundations

Proud to be a First Gen Investor