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Elevate Your Finances – Unleashing Wealth through Real Estate Mastery

with Donna Reid, Eduardo Escudero, and Bryan Escudero

About the Webinar
Acquire the tools you need to build generational wealth. Discover why real estate is your path to financial freedom, wealth building strategies, financing insights, & expert financial planning tips.

What You Will Learn

  • How to incorporate real estate in your investment plan.
  • Tips and tricks to discern between valuable & detrimental financial commitments
  • How to build wealth for the next generation

Donna Reid – Reid Elite Captial

Founder and CEO of Reid Elite Capital, where we specialize in unlocking the potential of multi-family real estate investments to create substantial passive income streams for our clients. Our firm stands out for its commitment to integrity, innovation, and tailor-made solutions for our clients. We don’t just manage your wealth, rather, we nurture your aspirations and turn them into tangible success so that in the end you earn double-digit returns on real estate investments. My passion for financial empowerment is the cornerstone of why I do what I do.


Eduardo Escudero – First Gen Foundations

Vice President & Co-founder of First Gen Foundations. He is a co-owner of over 181 units. With over 15 years of civil engineering design & management experience he has served as an Engineering Leader for a Fortune 500 company managing a yearly budget of over $10MM. He also has extensive experience in design & construction of underground utilities including water & sewer design as well as roadway design. He served as a project engineer of an award winning private civil engineering firm.




Bryan Escudero – First Gen Foundations

President and Co-Founder of First Gen Foundations. As he began his real estate journey, Bryan noticed a problem for people like him – First Generation Investors who might not have all the foundational knowledge to get in the game. First Gen Foundations was created to bridge that gap and represent the incredible qualities real estate has as an investment vehicle for generational wealth to new investors.






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