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Discover the podcasts where Bryan Escudero has made his mark in the world of real estate and investing. Tune in to uncover his unique journey, gain insights into the power of a well-thought-out business plan, and learn how to set up a successful remote real estate team. Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by Bryan’s journey of true grit and resiliency as a first-gen investor, and discover the core values and networking tips that can transform your own investment journey. Expand your knowledge and connect with us on this page filled with insightful podcasts.

How to Start Investing in Multifamily Properties

Word Hard Invest Harder Podcast with Justin Dixon

Tune in to our conversation with Bryan Escudero, where we uncover why he dipped his toes in multifamily real estate investing and established a top-tier company despite having a W-2 job. Learn more about his impressive story and strategy by checking this episode out!

Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Bryan’s unique journey into the realm of real estate
  • The power of a well-thought-out business plan in real estate How to set up a successful remote real estate team
  • An overview of the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market First Gen Foundations’ outlook for 2024


Ace the Real Estate Market as a First Gen Investor

The Aparment Gurus

Be inspired by Bryan Escudero’s journey of true grit and resiliency in real estate as he shares his experience as a first-gen investor. Learn how connecting with the right partners transforms your investment journey. Take advantage of this opportunity to snag invaluable networking tips to diversify your connections today!

Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Core values you can foster as a first-gen investor
  • How can connecting with the right partners make remote investing effective
  • The power of elevating your investments in expanding your network
  • Proven networking tips for real estate investors
  • Strategies to thrive in a volatile and competitive real estate market


    First Steps

    Diary of an Apartment Investor with Brian Briscoe

    Bryan Escudero shares with us challenges he has faced, what value you can bring to the table, and what advice he would give to everyone just starting out in the industry.

      The Entrepreneurial Path Less Taken…And Why You Must Rise To The Occasion

      Cash Flow Connections – RaiseFest ’24

      It’s hard to be a real estate entrepreneur…especially when the economy is down…

      But when you have a strong “why” behind your deals…like helping your community become financially free, or supporting your loved ones to live their dream lives, your journey becomes easier.

      Here we are sharing a RaiseFest ‘24 exclusive panel session by Carlos Salguero and four other amazing real estate entrepreneurs who are going deep into “why” you must take the path of entrepreneurship and how to succeed…even when the times are tough!

      Carlos Salguero has started four multi-million dollar companies across different industries…

      …and his story started out with incredible humble beginnings. (You’ll hear more.)

      He, along with the four panel experts, are uncovering the two deep secrets of doing BIGGER and BETTER deals…

      1. Get reliable partners that compliment your skills
      2. Take calculated risks that drive asymmetrical returns

      When you know your “why” and have the skills to find the good partners and take the right risks, you become unstoppable.

      Want to learn how? Tune into the podcast and learn from the best real estate experts in the industry!

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